jazz emu: you shouldn't have
2nd march - 6th march | £14.50 - £17.50

London Limelight presents Jazz Emu: You Shouldn’t Have (WIP); the new, unpretentious comedo- musicological proffering from global sensation Jazz Emu. Live music. Dead fun. In 2016, Jazz Emu played the biggest gig he’d ever landed, at the Helsinki Velodrome. But during his between-song patter, he carelessly insulted one of his biggest fans. What he said doesn’t bear repeating, but let’s just say the Scandinavian Goblin community may never look him in the eye again. Five years on, he’s back to clear his name and regain his former glory. Will he be able to surmount the insurmountable, and get every single person in the world to like him? Or is it time for him to face the music?