Performed by all-female identifying troupe, PLAYERS and directed by Lisa Millar. 


Come, you spirits 


That tend on mortal thoughts, unsex me here 


And fill me from the crown to the toe top-full 


Of direst cruelty.’   (I.V)  



Directed by Lisa Millar, this production promises a fast-paced and furious production to Shakespeare’s most haunting tragedy. The play’s visceral and supernatural qualities are powerfully staged at The Chiswick Playhouse. 

The company, formed last summer in the height of the pandemic, when many of the cast had their national and regional theatre work cancelled, the company was able to provide opportunities, reminiscent of when the plague closed all of London’s theatres and Shakespeare’s company were forced to tour the provinces. 

Director Lisa Millar says “Macbeth was written at a time when women were being burned at the stake as “witches” and having an all female cast has helped us explore the complexities of the gender assignments given to men and women of the time”. 

The troupe consists of nine actors, who multi-role and includes Emma Clifford, Adenike Adeniyi, Annemarie Anang, Flora Dawson, Beckis Cooper, Caroline O Mahoney, Claire Monique Martin, Thea Butler, Celia Learmonth. 




Twitter: @company_players