7TH NOVEMBER | 7.30PM | £20

‘Sing for your supper’ is a farce that contains many of the best, well known arias and ensembles from the world of opera. It is a hilarious look at the life of opera singers and their relentless pursuit of perfection as they struggle from audition to job in some of the most challenging circumstances.


Now after years of experience as one of the most innovative opera groups in the UK we are finally ready to reveal the secret lives of ‘The Singing Waiters’ in a show that will leave you laughing all the way home.


Our musical combines Puccini with Verdi in a smorgasbord of chaos and misunderstandings as great classical music is mixed with the irreverence of a cheap Spumante. Will Honey achieve her top ‘C’ or will Dean spill the beans? Will Sarah seduce Robert and if so, will it be over the dessert trolley?


Wonderful singing and ridiculous comedy in two acts of forty minutes each makes ‘Sing for your supper’ the funniest and best show in town

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