tell me straight
15th to 26th February | £14.50 - £17.50

Dani is done with Him and all his bullsh*t! He needs to ‘fix up and get him some rainbow flag waving D’. She’s heard it all – Soldiers. Chefs. Osama (not that one). He’s been through the lot of them and they’ve got one thing in common: they’re all straight.


Him has a plan:


30 days








But like buses…


‘It’s like I’m a beacon. Some gay lighthouse on the curious shoreline and these straights squint from the distant sea and drift towards me.’


Bradshaw’s tell me straight is an explosive one-act play which follows Him trying to break this cycle. Will Him finally listen to Dani, or constantly get sucked in by the straightest of dicksand?

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Cast & Creatives:

Paul Bradshaw (he/him) plays Him. As a playwright, his credits include The Barn (OFFIE nominated), Two Cities, Feel More,

and West 11. As an actor, his theatre credits include TEAM! (Doye Mosse Productions), A Christmas Carol (Lyceum Theatre), State Fair (Cadogan Hall), Retinas (Southwark Playhouse), The Clockmaker's Daughter (St James Theatre), Miracle on 34th Street (Pitlochry Festival Theatre). His television credits include Breaking the Band.


George Greenland (he/him) plays Matt, Lee, Ryan, and Others. His theatre credits include Two Cities (Criterion Theatre) and for television; Call the Midwife and Muse.


Stephanie Levi-John (she/her) plays the voice of Dani. Her theatre credits include Medea (Bristol Old Vic), A Winter's Tale (National Theatre), and My Mother Medea (Unicorn Theatre). Her television credits include The Spanish Princess, Silent Witness and Striking Out.


Playwright - Paul Bradshaw

Director - Imogen Frances

Assistant Director - Hiba Elchikhe

Lighting Designer - Chloe Stally-Gibson

Sound Designer - Roly Botha