Broken Strings


Heart-warming, dramatic, thought provoking and at times funny, Broken Strings brings two of theatres most endearing stage and television actors together for a “tour de force” of emotion.

Following the death of her husband, Rose, is persuaded by her daughter, Susan, to leave her council flat in the East End of London and live with Susan and her husband David in their small two up two down, in Manchester. Rose and David have never got on with Rose believing that Susan married beneath herself, but because of his love for Susan, David reluctantly agrees to the idea. The tension in the house was almost at breaking point, when Susan falls terminally ill. Her dying words to David are; “Take care of Mum, promise me you won’t put her in a home.”

Broken Strings tells the story of how two people damaged by bereavement, discover the truth about themselves and in so doing, begin to understand one another better and deal with the pain they are going through. Starring Steven Arnold as David (‘Ashley Peacock’ in Coronation Street) and Linda Clark as Rose (whose notable roles include the ‘Carrionite Witch’ in Doctor Who, ‘Jackie Busher’ in That Peter Kay Thing and ‘Janet Dent’ in Coronation Street) Broken Strings is a slice of real life drama that you won’t want to miss.

“Linda Clark & Steven Arnold amaze with their strong & delightful command of the stage.”
– Everything Theatre

“Moving with remarkable heart rending turns by Steven Arnold & Linda Clark.”

“With Joe Wenborne’s ‘Sparky dialogue’ Steven Arnold is ‘Impressive’ with Linda Clark providing a ‘Feisty Performance’.”
– Reviews Gate