6 November - 1 December 2007

by Michael Frayn

“And from those two heads the future will emerge. Which cities will be destroyed, and which survive. Who will die and who will live.”


‘Explosive dynamism’
‘That Michael Frayn’s achievement in his 1998 three-hander was nothing short of astonishing is roundly reiterated in Elly Green’s revival.’
‘Gracefully plays with pace and atmosphere’
‘You couldn’t hope for a more moving, intelligently judged outing for Frayn’s searing inquiry into the moment when Western science understood that it had lost its innocence.’
– Time Out

‘Relevant… Thrilling… Entertaining… As fine an evening in the theatre as one could wish’ 
– Chiswick Times

‘Gripping intrigue… a very engaging revival of a fantastic text’ 
– The Stage

Winner of 1998 Evening Standard Best Play
Winner of 2000 Tony Award for Best Play

September 1941… Denmark is occupied by the Nazis… Scientists are on the threshold of creating an atomic bomb…

German physicist Werner Heisenberg visits his friend and mentor Niels Bohr and his wife in Copenhagen. Personal and political tensions run high. The visit ended their friendship and has been the subject of scientific and historical debate ever since.

Why did he go?
What happened that night?
For a moment in time – was the fate of the world on one man’s shoulders?

Michael Frayn’s modern masterpiece is a clever and compassionate exploration of a relationship that defined 20th Century physics. It takes a surgeon’s scalpel to questions of motivation and morality in a world on the cusp of colossal change, and draws us into the heat and heart of the debate.

Starring: Jane Guernier, Roger Ringrose, David Shelley

‘A profound and haunting meditation on the mysteries of human motivation’
– Independent

‘Frayn makes ideas zing and sing in this play’
– Daily Telegraph

‘Elly Green’s direction is alive to every shift and nuance in the text’
– The Times on The Beach, Theatre 503