Eat Me Poster

Eat Me

26 - 27 July 2018

by Suzanna Walters

‘Eat Me’ is a play about three people’s experiences of living with anorexia.

Libby is an intelligent, young woman, whose battle to make choices for her own future, lead to a first encounter with the illness. Trying to break free from it’s grip, can she find the strength and resolve to turn her life around?

Jonathan first sought comfort through anorexia when school bullies made his life unbearable. However, the sense of superiority and the rigid control the illness has over him, nearly takes him to the brink. Can he see a future without it?

From early childhood, severe anxiety and fear of eating meant that Kate had rarely known a time when anorexia was not her constant companion. But following a life changing experience, she finally realises the joy and fulfilment of freedom from its confines.

There is a fourth voice to be heard; a voice that entices, seduces, comforts…and controls. A friend? Or something altogether more sinister?

1 hour long

12 plus