18 March - 5 April 2008

by John Cargill Thompson & Carol Vine

This Easter, the two most reviled sinners in history confront their reputations on the London stage.

In this double-bill of one-person plays, Judas Iscariot and Mary Magdalene emerge from centuries of doctrinal dispute to challenge not only our preconceptions but also Jesus, their fellow disciples and their own fears.

Guerilla/Whore examines the human casualties behind the dogma as Judas wrestles with his betrayal and Mary grieves the consequences. We follow them from their initial intoxicating rapture with the young prophet, to the inescapable tragedy of their part in his destiny.

The result is a personal Passion play that goes beyond the Gospels to explore the lives changed forever by the charisma of one man.

Terrorist or freedom fighter? Traitor or “Guerilla”?
Disciple or Harlot? Apostle or “Whore”?
Are Judas and Mary innocent?
Join the debate

Two Bob Theatre’s inaugural production, Guerilla/Whore consists of John Cargill Thompson’s Fringe First award winning Guerilla and the World Premiere of Carol Vine’s specially commissioned Whore.

‘Guerilla, propounding Judas as an optimistic nationalist, is a genuinely moving addition to Crucifixion literature, and one showing Thompson the man for great things in religion as well as in history.’
– The Independent

In Whore, Carol Vine has fashioned a stark portrayal that is by turns tender and brutal. Mary, steeped in regret and her redemption soured, berates the male authority that destroyed her very private relationship with Jesus.