Harper Regan

15 May - 1 June 2019

by Simon Stephens

“If you go, I don’t think you should come back”

On a startlingly bright autumn night in 2006, Harper Regan walks away from her home, her husband and daughter, and keeps walking. She tells nobody that she is going. She tells nobody where she is going. She puts everything she ever built at risk. For two lost days and nights, until it looks as though her entire life might unravel, she doesn’t turn back.

Harper meets several men – by a canal, in a pub, in a hotel room by arrangement. It is a violent, comic, heart-breaking odyssey that strains towards truth but finds acceptance is more important and unveils the dark and secret heart of Harper’s family life.

Harper Regan was first presented at The Cottesloe Theatre, National Theatre, London, on 23 April 2008, with Simon Stephens originally creating the exciting, defiant protagonist for Lesley Sharp. This exceptional play is re-envisioned and presented by Contentment Productions, directed by Pollyanna Newcombe with Emmy Happisburgh as Harper. Contentment Productions champions exciting female leads and was founded to help redress the balance towards 50:50 equal representation for female actors.

Previous praise for the original production:

“Stephens has written arresting plays before this… but… HARPER REGAN sends his work into orbit”   The Observer

“For an intriguing barometer of our times one need look no further”  The Evening Standard

“An acutely perceptive and compassionate study of a brave and likeable woman trying to make sense of her life after it has been blighted by several different kinds of crisis. There is an unsentimental compassion in the writing, and a tough refusal to surrender to depression and despair, that I found genuinely uplifting.”  The Telegraph

 “Stephens’ writing beautifully depicts the shift from a love based on dogged faith to one that can survive bleak realism.”  The Independent

2 hours 15 mins (including interval)