4 - 22 March 2014

by Tilo Ulbricht

‘a clever, sharply written and fabulously acted work… if you like a good philosophical argument that leaves you with plenty of food for thought and perhaps new ideas on the meaning of life, this could be the play for you’

The Spanish Inquisition is at its height.
Two men, both searching for meaning in their lives, but whose paths have led them in different directions – one to the Church, the other, to the Cathars, and both with the same woman in their hearts.

5 years later in Granada the extraordinary happens.
Three strangers have appeared whose presence touches all whom they encounter, and a new Inquisitor General has been appointed. A meeting that will challenge belief to its coreā€¦

Inspired by Dostoevsky’s The Grand Inquisitor from The Brothers Karamazov, Heresy, a new play by Tilo Ulbricht, produced by Questioning Productions and directed by Daniel Zappi and Rachael Maya for its UK and World premiere at The Tabard Theatre.