Jamaica Inn

8 November - 2 December 2017

by Daphne du Maurier, adapted by Lisa Evans

The cast is excellent with an especially spell-binding performance from Helen Bang as Aunt Patience. Anastasia Revi’s direction grips the attention from beginning to end through the ingenious use of props, movement, sound and character detail. The sound design is a tour de force and the music, composed by Jonathan Bratoeff. Truly enjoyable and benefitting the long, dark winter evenings, this production of Jamaica Inn blends fine acting with artistic allure and technical mastery.

It’s a thrilling production with, at its heart, a luminous performance by Kimberley Jarvis as the spirited heroine, Mary Yellan, and a riveting turn by Toby Wynn-Davies as her bullying, alcoholic uncle, Joss Merlyn. Certainly London’s Theatre Lab Company has triumphed with Lisa Evans’ dark and atmosphic adaption of the Daphne Du Maurier classic, Anastasia Revi turns the intimate Tabard performing space into a treacherous corner of Bodmin Moor, inhabited by villains and reprobates, murderers and thieves.

A terrific adaption of Daphne Du Maurier’s Victorian melodrama – witty, gothic hokum at its finest. The whole production is brilliant: the cast, the design, lightning, music, but especially Anastasia Revi’s direction.

Briskly paced, relentlessly intriguing and absorbing…An absorbing and worthwile experience.

Creepy and thrilling and one feels very satisfied by the ending.

Kimberley Jarvis excels as stout hearted Mary Yellan: making her spot-lit entrance shrouded in a white hood like a Celtic angel…the audience becomes utterly invested in this young girl’s plight and roots for her blossoming relationship with loveable rogue Jem Merlin, admirably played by Samuel Lawrence. Some ingenious techniques have been effected in this adaption of the gothic novel…The production is engrossing and highly visceral, capturing the portentous anxiety and lyricism of the gothic genre.

Kimberley Jarvis carries the production as Mary Yellan…Samuel Lawrence is rakishly charming as Joss’s younger brother Jem. The tiny space of the Tabard Theatre feels intimate and no corner is left unused by Director Anastasia Revi. Overall, this is an atmospheric piece of theatre.

NOBODY GOES TO JAMAICA INN… lonely and dark on the bleak Cornish moors. A place full of secrets, violence, and rum that fuels nightmares of ghosts that howl with the wind. Young and innocent, Mary comes to stay only to get entangled in its mysteries. A dark and disturbing gothic tale where nothing is quite what it appears to be.

Daphne du Maurier is known for her dark and gothic novels and short stories, particularly Rebecca and The Birds, adapted for screen by Alfred Hitchcock, My Cousin Rachel starring Rachel Weisz, and Jamaica Inn adapted for television by the BBC.

Lisa Evans is an award winning author and playwright. In addition to Jamaica Inn, her many plays include The Day the Waters Came and Rise Up, both of which she has won awards for. She has also writes for television, radio and film.

Anastasia Revi is an award-winning director, winner of the 2016 Theatre Award of Best Director of the Year for Shakespeare’s Macbeth at the National Theatre of Northern Greece, Women’s Award for Theatre in Athens in 2016, and was nominated for Greece’s Woman of the Year Award in the Director’s Category.

Theatre Lab Company is renowned for striking imagery, visual storytelling, and devising, contemporary and classical texts, ancient and contemporary Greek theatre. Their recent production of Salome returned to London following a very successful tour. Notable credits include being flagged by official critiques for Salome at Avignon Festival D’OFF.

90 minutes no interval

12 plus