4 - 30 September 2012

by Tom Stoppard


‘Outstanding script, some cracking performances and strong production values’
– Everything Theatre

‘This sending up of academic elitism while the ongoing murder mystery goes on around them is brought to hilarious life by the Jumpers’
– ChiswickW4.com

‘enjoyable production of Tom Stoppard’s surreal satire – a madcap mix of murder mystery and ethical inquiry’
– Time Out

The Tabard Theatre presents the 40th anniversary production of Jumpers, Tom Stoppard’s deliciously insightful comedy.

An acrobat has been murdered at a party given by the manically depressive former musical comedy star, Dotty Moore, to celebrate the accession of a new Radical Liberal government. Her husband George, an ageing professor of moral philosophy, attempts to rehearse a lecture while ignoring the nearby corpse as his wife entertains his university boss and a chorus of gymnasts from the philosophy department. What follows is a murder mystery thriller displaying Tom Stoppard’s verbal ingenuity within an anarchic comical setting of murder, moon landings and adultery.

Tom Stoppard is one of the most internationally performed dramatists of his generation with his plays Rosencrantz and Guildernstern are Dead, The Real Thing and Arcadia. He has written about a dozen plays and twice as many radio and television plays. He also won an Academy Award for Best Screenplay for his co-authorship of the film, Shakespeare in Love.

First premiered in 1972 at the Old Vic and last seen in London at the National Theatre nearly ten years ago, this new in-house production at the Tabard Theatre marks its 40th anniversary. Profound and playful, witty and deeply erudite Jumpers is vintage Tom Stoppard farce and plays a limited four week run at the Tabard Theatre.