No Other Man’s Land

29 January 2019 - 2 February 2019

by Dale Reynolds

No Other Man’s Land
By Dale Reynolds
Heroes appear when you need them most; then, disappear like ghosts.
No Other Man’s Land tells the story of The Caretaker, an old man who spends his
days tending the graves of war heroes. Surrounded by the ghosts of decorated soldiers, he is haunted by a deeply buried trauma from his own military past.
Living a solitary existence on the edge of the cemetery, his only interaction with the outside world is an occasional visit with his estranged sister Julie and his teenage grandson Robbie.
The arrival of a mysterious letter, hidden by the Caretaker, provokes Robbie’s curiosity and unearths the truth about his grandfather’s unspoken anguish. A truth that releases the Caretaker from a life spent in shadow.
Directed by Leanne Dimant
Stage set by Dan Llywelyn Hall

80 minutes (no interval)