Now. Here. This.

19:30 Tuesday 27th October - Friday 30th October 2020

Book by Hunter Bell and Susan Blackwell. Music and Lyrics by Jeff Bowen.

The UK professional premier of Now. Here. This. is a musical by the creators of the Tony Award-nominated Broadway hit [title of show]. The show searches for the answers to life’s big questions by exploring the birds, bees, reptiles, trees, dinosaurs, illiteracy, hoarding, middle school, first love, fashion, and much, much more. The charismatic characters will draw the audience in with their humour and passion. They represent the millions of slightly off-kilter creative types and the kinds of people who have busy minds, fragments of ideas floating all the time, imagining what-ifs.

Now. Here. This. is not a group therapy session (in fact, it’s cheaper and funnier), but it does explore quirky insecurities, painful memories, and acceptance of the choices we’ve made. The musical breaks down what it means to live in the now, the here, and the this. It is a way to live life presently and to appreciate our time. The musical is not an answer to the meaning of life, but it will make you leave the theatre wanting more. 


Griffin Jenkins

Ruby Lyon

Ash Weir

Matthew Westrope

Please note tickets are limited per performance and must be booked in groups of two, three or five.