Rainy Days and Mondays Poster

Rainy Days and Mondays

10 - 12 May 2018

Devised by Chris Kabay

Rainy Days & Mondays,
Arrangements by Simon R Holt, Devised by Chris Kabay, Directed by Ray Rackham

Starring :  Helen Anker, Belinda Wollaston & Freya Tilly

Almost fifty years after their debut, the Carpenters rank among the most popular acts in recording history. Though they recorded as the Carpenters for just 14 years, Karen and Richard made a deep and lasting impact on popular music. Remarkably, their work has not only endured but grown in stature with every passing year. With songs like CLOSE TO YOU, ONLY YESTERDAY & SOLITAIRE, its no wonder that each new generation has embraced them as their own.

Playing for three performances at the Tabard Theatre following a sellout run at the London Theatre Workshop.

” This piece showcases the beautiful timelessness of the music of the Carpenters with nothing but a pianist and three ladies. This is not a tribute show but an interpretation and celebration of Richard and Karens wonderful melodies. Both classics and lesser known songs segue smoothly into each other, and there is one unexpected arrangement of three songs that are sung simultaneously alongside each other; so clever. Simon Holt is the talented Musical Director and Arranger of this show and accompanies the well matched trio of Belinda Wollaston, Helen Anker and Freya Tilly. The 70 minutes is over far too quickly and this show is a must for any die-hard Carpenters fan ”
” Beautiful concert in this intimate venue. The three girls were fantastic. It was a joy to listen to them in such a small venue with no microphones or sounds effects, just their voices and their own interpretation of the Carpenters’ songs. Each of singers has a distinctive tone and they were accompanied by a talented pianist. The staging and lighting were also fantastic. Such a treat!”