Hanna Sheehy-Skeffington: Reminiscences Of An Irish Suffragette

This powerful one woman show pays tribute to Ireland’s suffragette ‘Hanna Sheehy-Skeffington’. It portrays her fight for Irish women’s suffrage, her time spent in Mountjoy Prison, her work during Dublin’s 1913 ‘Lockout’ and her harrowing and unforgettable experiences during Ireland’s Easter Rising in April 1916. Originally produced at The Tabard Theatre in 1987, as a much shorter play, playwright Rosalind Scanlon has developed the script and now brings it back to The Tabard, to mark the Centenary of ‘Ireland’s 1916 Rising.’

“This play leaves one with an unpartisan sense of rage and has the authority of successfully invoked history.”
– What’s On In London.

“This play cuts to the heart and offers a vivid sense of stirring times – It is truly an enriching portrait of a lady of whom Dublin can be justly proud.”
– Irish Times

“The Sheehy-Skeffingtons were remarkable and courageous people and it is with great love and care that Rosalind Scanlon has assembled this powerful portrait.”
– Time Out