3 - 26 September 2015

by Sam Shepard


Vinnie, Rosie and Carter had pulled off the perfect scam, switching racehorses and blackmailing the official that got in their way. But while Rosie and Carter prosper from their ill-gotten gains, Vinnie finds himself on the edge of society nursing his resentments and a bottle of Black Bush whiskey. Vinnie has come to a decision…

He isn’t keeping their secret anymore.

Writer Sam Shepard, seen by some as America’s greatest living playwright, won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama for his play Buried Child (1979). His 50 plays include Icarus’s Mother, La Turista, Cowboy Mouth, True West, Fool for Love, Buried Child, A Lie of the Mind and The God of Hell.

‘It is like a cross between a modern film noir, Ibsenesque thriller and a revenge drama.’
– Evening Standard

‘…tone of the play – succinct, laconic and easy riding – is attractive, intriguing and amusing…’
– New York Post

Starring: Stephen Chance, Michael Lawrence-Killingbach, Janet Kumah, Edward Newborn, Emmy Happisburg, Luke Stevenson