Snag! Poster


30 April - 4 May 2019

by Tony Traxler

Laurel Daydon’s placid West London life ends abruptly when she unearths a bundle of diaries which take her on a life-changing adventure to her birthplace, New York City. Her biological clock begins ticking triple-time when she discovers her recently deceased, gay, adoptive father’s little secret; a certain something on ice at a fertility clinic.

“Why wouldn’t I want to have his baby. He was the man that loved me the most!” Although her best friends object to this plan, there is no way to pull the bit from her mouth. There is however one snag – a rather glamorous, opinionated fag-hag with American style Christian values has her finger on the switch to the freezer that’s been preserving “the goods” for thirty-five years.

Tears and laughter move this comic-drama to an unforeseen conclusion.

Running time 1h 45 mins (no interval)