14 April - 9 May 2010

by John Higginson & Clodagh Hartley

Stiffed! is a brand new satirical comedy written by two Westminster insiders who have experienced first hand the workings of politics.

‘A Real Tour De Farce… Think TV’s Party Animals with Laughs or The Thick of It with Less effing and blinding’
– The Sun

‘A fizzing comedy satire.. my advice to my fellow Chiswickians is to get there early’
– The Chiswick Times

A tale of MPs mischief set in the largest Wendy house in the land. The progressive Quentin Dellaware has just picked up a Tory seat in a landslide by-election. Keen to make a difference, he is swiftly shown the status quo by his old school chum George Moore-Lys.

‘over 75 pleasing minutes it certainly entertains…the puppet of ex-speaker Michael Martin is spot on – inspired’
– Dominc Cavendish, The Telegraph

‘A timely reflection on the scandal surrounding MP’s expenses’
– Henry Hitchins, Evening Standard

Meanwhile, Labour front-bencher Paula Stiff is pressing for a fairer Britain with the help of her husband-cum-aide Marty whose real passion is toy trains. Which would all be politics as usual except that young Sally Pauper, an aspiring journalist, aims to make her mark by uncovering the biggest parliamentary story since the gunpowder plot.

Written by John Higginson (Political Editor for Metro) and Clodagh Hartley (Whitehall Editor of The Sun) Stiffed! is a riotous satire on the inner workings of parliament, the press and politicians.

‘Christopher Hone’s clever set is among the most imaginative (in terms of how it slots together) that I have seen’
– The Stage

‘At its best when the writers give free reign to their wilder fantasies’
– Metro