The Lonesome West

12 February - 8 March 2008

by Martin McDonagh


“A child seen him. Seen him sitting on the bench on the jetty, a pint with him, looking out across the lake to the mountains there. And when his pint was done he got up and started walking, the clothes still on him, and didn’t stop walking. No. ‘Til the poor head of him was under. And even then he didn’t stop.”

The Lonesome West takes us on a bleak journey to Leenane, Co.Galway, ‘the murder capital of fecking Europe’. Two adult brothers, Coleman and Valene Connor, fight like ‘a pair of fecking oul women’ over any petty grievance. Just as they had before Coleman shot their dad in the head because he insulted his hairstyle. Until one day a young priest ‘who never achieved anything… in fact the opposite’ does something to stop them. Something that breaks the heart of a sweet nobody, who loved him…

Martin McDonagh is a critically acclaimed playwright whose works also include The Beauty Queen of Leenane, A Skull in Connemara, The Cripple of Inishmaan and The Pillowman. McDonagh won the George Devine, Writer’s Guild, a Lawrence Olivier and four Tony Awards in 1996 as well as the Evening Standard Award for Most Promising Newcomer.

Antonia Doggett, Director of Cocksure, trained in Poland with Song of the Goat Theatre before working as Assistant Director at the National Theatre of Greece. Debra Overton, Co-Artistic Director of Cocksure, has recently worked as Art Director for Echo Beach/Moving Wallpaper, Waking the Dead and Bad Girls. Sound and music design is by Matt Eaton, who has recently created part of the original soundtrack for Hallam Foe.

Starring: Francis Adams, John Giles, Georgia Stephens, Johnny Vivash