The Lost Happy Endings

17 December 2014 - 4 January 2015

Adapted by Wendy Rouse and Amanda Wilde from the book by Carol Ann Duffy

A brand new adaptation of Poet Laureate, Carol Ann Duffy’s magical adventure The Lost Happy Endings opens at the Tabard Theatre on the 17 December for the Christmas season.

Following the success of previous family Christmas shows at the Tabard (Stig of the Dump, Famous Five, Cinderella and A Christmas Carol) The Lost Happy Endings promises a vibrant, imaginative and charming theatrical entertainment, brought to life by a highly engaging company of actors bringing song, music and spectacle to the Tabard stage.

In Duffy’s magical world, every evening, as children are curling up ready for their bedtime stories, Jub sets off across the forest with a sack full of happy endings. She climbs to the top of the tallest Oak tree, and disperses these in order to bring comforting resolutions and sweet dreams to all that listen… But what would happen if these happy endings were stolen?

It’s up to Jub to create her own ending and restore convention to the world of fairy tales in this lyrical story about the power of storytelling.

In the tradition of classic fairy tales for children, Carol Ann Duffy has created a truly compelling, surprising and beautiful story for children of all ages.