The Lost World of Malcolm Ridge

15 - 20 July 2019

by Bob Eckhard

Leo Michael presents The UK premiere of dark dystopian drama The Lost World of Malcolm Ridge.

When terminally ill Malcolm Ridge agrees to being cryogenically frozen in 1987, he does so in the belief that a cure is just around the corner.  A hope shared by his family who fully expect to see him again. However, technology is slow in developing and it is 150 years before Malcolm emerges from the capsule into a world in which absolutes have been set aside so that everyone’s opinion may be considered true and no-one is ever wrong. The task of preparing Malcolm for life in the 22nd century falls on educator Abigail Vashnay, but is she up for the task?

From the company behind this year’s smash hit farce Tied to the Vicarage, this production plays a limited one-week run.