The Supper Party

30 October - 17 November 2012

by Alison Evans

When two young hopefuls attend a party given by playwright Hector Grey and his wife, Lady Cynthia, they soon discover that this group of self-seeking celebrities have little interest in helping them climb the ladder – being far too busy attempting to promote themselves and out-do one another. But when an uninvited guest shows up the party rapidly descends from dreaded but harmless charades into a full-blown horror show.

Reviewed by some of the leading literary departments and after a week-long of previews at the Old Sorting Office in Barnes, The Supper Party premieres at the Tabard Theatre.

The Supper Party is a comedy of manners with all its sniping and flirting but is also a vigorous examination about the age of consent and the duplicity surrounding child abuse and cultural responsibility.

‘Vigorously conceived and scrupulously researched…’
– Royal Court

‘Full of wit and humour…’
– The Finborough Theatre

‘Refreshing to see a playwright with ambition…’
– The Orange Tree