The Trial of Marie Antoinette

25 February - 14 March 2009

by Peter Langdon

‘This is as fine a new play as I have seen for many a year ‘
‘As Marie Antoinette, Julie Tallis gives a fine performance, an enthralling mix of fire and steel’
‘The Tabard are to be congratulated on arranging its first London showing’
– Richmond and Twickenham Times

Paris. 1793. The King is dead, and the revolution is entering its most chaotic, terrifying phase. In a medieval prison, Marie Antoinette awaits trial before her people for the crime of being Queen.

The Trial of Marie Antoinette is a new play by Peter Langdon. It’s the story of the downfall of one of history’s most infamous women, going beyond our image of the ‘let them eat cake’ Queen to examine the truth behind her life and her downfall, and understand Marie Antoinette as a human rather than icon. The play considers how new political ideas and the hatred of the people became so powerful that Marie Antoinette had to die. Based on extensive research and historical records, this play is the first in English to put the trial on stage. With a cast of 11 and an epic sweep, The Trial of Marie Antoinette will bring the turbulent times of the French Revolution to life at the Tabard Theatre.

This is the first production from Once Theatre, a new theatre company dedicated to telling unfamiliar tales from history, and unearthing new stories hidden inside the ones we think we already know.