Turning Heads

24 - 28 July 2007

by Opera on the Run

Opera on the Run’s original, intoxicating mix of comedy, classical music, narrative and song has stormed to immense popular appeal some of London’s most prestigious venues, such as The New Ambassadors Theatre, the Jermyn Street Theatre, The Savoy, Café Royal, and The Ritz after their humble beginnings as singing waiters in Soho restaurants only five years ago.

Dynamic duo Tim Armstrong-Taylor and Ian Bloomfield follow their 2005 Pleasance Edinburgh hit A Comedy of Arias with a tale based on true events of a fictional stag weekend in Amsterdam. In this modern Chaucerian saga; John and Dan, exhausted by the mundane loneliness of their lives and the gravity of their imminent middle-age, escape to Amsterdam where chaos ensues as they both fall for the same Dutch beauty. Underscored with the world’s best loved classical music (Sabre Dance, Toccatta and fugue, Meditation, Also Sprach Zarathustra, Pomp and Circumstance…) Turning Heads will take you on a rollercoaster journey through one thousand, six hundred and eighty three bars in just 59 minutes!

Opera on the Run’s trademark fusion of well known classical music with modern comedy reinvents some of the best known works for easy access and enjoyment for modern audiences everywhere. They are currently touring The Perfect Picnic, setting Mozart to a modern Libretto, and Spaghetti Opera, where some of the world’s best known Italian opera stud the story of a man facing persecution from the mafia.