Type On Paper

30 July - 3 August 2019

by Adam Highland

“If I want to change it, that means deep down you also want to change it.”

Ben is trying to write a play. Unfortunately, as soon as he starts typing, his protagonist won’t stop arguing with him. And he’s not a fan of the material.

His protagonist is Miles, a politician with ambition and a long-suffering aide in Sophie. After Ben has Miles run for party leader, Ben runs into writer’s block. He thinks he’s found the solution, but pretty soon the play he’s trying to finish takes a very different turn to the one he started.

Meticulously funny and highly imaginative, Type On Paper is the story of one person’s struggle to understand why he is the way he is.

The play previewed to much acclaim at new writing nights at the Theatre Deli and the Old Sorting Office earlier in 2019. Now the Tabard Theatre presents the first full production of Adam Highland’s original play, directed by Tallulah Sheffield and starring Edward Green (SSGB, Angus Thongs & Even More Snogging, The Cut), Helen Percival and Kriss Dillon (Casualty, Cuckoo).

“Hilarious. Incredibly real characters. Would love to see the full play.”  – Praise after the excerpt at OSO.

70 minutes (no interval)